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About us...


We are four friends based in the Highlands of Scotland who got very tired of having to ask for a slice of lemon with our Gin and Tonics. What came next was the brainstorm of Irene, who coming home from a fairly standard, uninspired few drinks with friends had a eureka moment! What would happen if people in the North of Scotland and beyond could enjoy a superior and more rewarding drinks experience? Also, what if we could take it to them? 

What came next was a magical mystery tour which took the four friends the length and breadth of the British Isles (Yes, we even went over the border!) Searching for the ideal vehicle to figurehead their burgeoning ideas of amazing drinks and fun times. In deepest darkest Wakefield, near an old abandoned lorry yard, they discovered a dilapidated shed in which was hidden, a shining gem…

There stood, a sad and lonely Atul Tuk Tuk. Once used to dispense Hotdogs to hungry workers, this little van still had a twinkle in its eye, despite the murky red paintwork and slightly dubious smell of chip fat and lard. The four friends saw something in that little gem, something sparkly, funky, with the gleam of copper and the gentle fizz of bubbles on a hot summer day (they hadn’t been sampling products at this stage, honest!) 

With a lot of work, a few grey hairs, help from some very special family and friends, and more than a few sleepless nights, the Wee Dram Van was born…


WHD Team

(Irene, Kenny, Carrie & Scott) 


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